I try new things. I met my wife wile traveling all over southern Utah and backpacking every trail I could find. On date night you might find us trying the new Indian restaurant down in Payson or renting snowshoes to see what our favorite hikes look like when they are covered in snow. For graduation we booked round trip tickets to China and are now trying to piece a trip together without any idea of what we are doing.


I am a competitive person. My wife and father each held high score spots on some of the retro games at the local arcade. I practiced up and then went and cemented myself as the best retro gamer in our family while they watched in horror. When walking up the stairs to campus I always have to beat the person in front of me even though they don’t know that it’s a competition.


I love to create! I am currently an IT major and my area of interest is building devices and systems that allow us to simplify our lives. Last fall I entered into the BYU IOT contest and won 3rd prize for my voice controlled fish tank feeder. I hope to one day eliminate the need to perform any chore in my house ever again.


I like to create delicious food. My wife is by far the best planner but when she gets a new idea for food and needs someone who can execute I am the one she comes to. This last Christmas we made boxes of cookies for our families and friends and I made hundreds of macaroons of the course of 3 days. I love the feeling of making something that looks good & tastes good all on my own.

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  1. I think it’s cool that you met your wife in Southern Utah. I have a huge connection with Southern Utah because that is where I attended high school my senior year. I have a lot of great memories down there and made a lot of friends. Also, if you love the outdoors then St George and all the surrounding area is the place to be.

  2. Voice controlled Fish tank feeder sound so cool. Do you have any other ideas you are working on to eliminate those household chores? haha

  3. Great post, Brandon! I think your fishtank is absolutely sick, I’m curious exactly how you made it. I bet there are a lot of tasks that you can simplify around the house with a Raspberry Pi or similar. Your China trip sounds really fun, I bet you’ll try a lot of new foods that you can make back in the States!


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